Dog Services


RBC Pet Care offers flexible and personalised solutions to customers living in Banbury and the surrounding villages.

Our most popular services are listed below:

Dog Walking

We aim to provide you with a flexible 7 day a week service. Our dogs are walked at safe locations away from traffic and livestock.

We are licensed and insured to walk small groups of dogs, and (with owners permission) we make sure they have a lively off-lead walk so they can run and play with their friends.

Manners when getting in and out of the vehicle are important for safety. Control on walks is essential, so we teach all our dogs to come to voice commands and/or the whistle and to sit for a treat when out on the walk. While teaching the recall we may walk your dog on a “long-line” until we are confident they will come back when called. The line is long enough to allow them to run with their friends.

Dog Holidays

We offer an alternative to leaving your dog in kennels when you go away; our knowledgeable, caring and experienced handlers will care for your dogs based in the licensed  large, comfortable four-bedroomed house. Your dog/s will have a fabulous time, making new friends, seeing new places and having lots of exercise, they will have their own holiday while you are away.

Dog Day Care 

Also if you face a long day at work and are worried about getting back on time, or if your dog is destructive if left for long periods, why not try our Day Care service? We will collect your dog and make sure they have walks and company while you are away, returning them home again at the agreed time.

Day structure for our Boarders and Daycare visitors

Toileting, followed by Morning Meal – 6.30 am to allow plenty of time for food to digest before the morning exercise

Morning: Exercise – Group Walk of between 45 and 60 minutes with dogs of similar energy needs (on or off lead as agreed with owner and in safe environment e.g. our rented field)

Play period followed by a quiet time

Afternoon: Exercise – Group Walk of at least 30 minutes

Mid Afternoon: Play/Socialisation – Participating in activities within a group or individually depending on fitness and age eg Agility, Ball, Search & Find, Scent work, toys We have access to a secure rented field.

Daily grooming and health check followed by rest period

Toileting, followed by Afternoon meal at 4.15pm with collection or drop off from 4.30pm onwards for our daycare dogs.

Visit to Feed

We offer a home visit service so you don’t need to worry about your pet being fed or cleaned while you are out. This is especially useful for young puppies when you are out at meetings, or cats while you are away on holiday.

Dog obedience

We offer dog obedience sessions either one-on-one or in a group. This can be anything from basic domestic behaviour or more advanced obedience. Karen is a Kennel Club qualified Rally Obedience Judge to Level 6 and one of the Team managers for the Midlands Rally Team for Crufts 2019

Scentwork Training Classes

Karen is a Scentwork UK approved trainer and judge. Beginner courses start at regular intervals throughout the year and are advertised via the company Facebook page.