Hot Weather Tips for Pets

Dogs should never be left in a car on a hot day – even in the shade or with windows open. If you are taking the dog on a car journey try to avoid travelling during the hottest part of the day. Ensure the dog is not in direct sunlight, and take plenty of water. On long trips, stop frequently, they should be drinking little and often, not gulping large quantities. If you have to leave the car for a comfort break, you should consider whether to take your dog if you don’t have a companion to leave with them. Dogs cool down by panting, which fills the air with moisture. In a hot car they can’t evaporate enough water quickly enough to cool down, plus the air can only hold so much moisture. Even with a boot or window open if there’s no breeze it could still get too hot for your dog. Never allow your dog to hang their head out of the window when driving.

Dogs shouldn’t be walked during the hottest part of the day, morning and evening are preferable. I find shady areas to walk your dogs, avoiding hot pavements which may burn their paws, and I always carry water. Dogs benefit most from little and often, so we do lots of pit stops and we do not walk as far as on cooler days.

This summer I will be taking the dogs to ponds and pools to allow them to swim or paddle on very hot days. If you do not wish your dog to get wet or muddy please let me know. I can’t promise to keep dogs out of water without keeping them on a lead, as they will find mud and water holes in places I can’t go, but I will do my best. I do rub down with towels and maybe a quick brush so at least they aren’t dripping, but am not able to bathe or groom them before returning them home.

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